Faculty and Staff

Grade Name / Website Room
Principal Sister Meaghan Patterson, SSJ mpatterson@stmartindeporresphila.org
Assistant Principal Mr. Matt Joram mjoram@stmartindeporresphila.org
Pre-K 3 Mrs. Colleen Cougle Pre-K 3 ccougle@stmartindeporresphila.org
Pre-K 4 Mrs. Cecilia Shields Pre-K 4 cshields@stmartindeporresphila.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Dottie McCarthy 3 dmccarthy@stmartindeporresphila.org
Kindergarten Ms. Valeet Dowling 2 vdowling@stmartindeporresphila.org
First Ms. Geneva Foxworth 9 gfoxworth@stmartindeporresphila.org
First Ms. Sandra Streeter 7 sstreeter@stmartindeporresphila.org
Second Ms. Jessica Lopez 6 jlopez@stmartindeporresphila.org
Second Ms. Judy Sima 5 jsima@stmartindeporresphila.org
Third Ms. Vernessa Johnson 8 vjohnson@stmartindeporresphila.org
Third Ms. Clare Lee 4 clee@stmartindeporresphila.org
Fourth Mrs. Charlotte Gregory 12 cgregory@stmartindeporresphila.org
Fourth Ms. Joanna Sauer 13 jsauer@stmartindeporresphila.org
Fifth Mrs. Megan Garner 16 mgarner@stmartindeporresphila.org
Fifth Mrs. Dominique Fuller- Finley 17 dfullerfinley@stmartindeporresphila.org
Sixth Mr. Bill Neef 24 wneef@stmartindeporresphila.org
Sixth Mr. Ralph Price 25 rprice@stmartindeporresphila.org
Seventh Mrs. Emily Garcia-Mohan 23 egarcia@stmartindeporresphila.org
Seventh Mr. Kyle Robinson 22 krobinson@stmartindeporresphila.org
Eighth Mrs. Maria Dana 19 mdana@stmartindeporresphila.org
Eighth Mr. Joe Dembik 20 jdembik@stmartindeporresphila.org
Technology Ms. Everling 21 reverling@stmartindeporresphila.org
Math Specialist Mrs. Susan Edelman 26 sedelman@stmartindeporresphila.org
Physical Education Teacher Mrs. Lisa Ruffin lruffin@stmartindeporresphila.org
Music Teacher Ms. Sonsiere Baker sbakersimpson@stmartindeporresphila.org
Art Teacher Ms. Veronica Jones vjones@stmartindeporresphila.org
School Administrator Ms. Jessica O'Brien jobrien@stmartindeporresphila.org
School Administrator Ms. Sophia Williams swilliams@stmartindeporresphila.org
Tuition Officer Mrs. Megan Yeager myeager@stmartindeporresphila.org
School Counselor/ Student Services Mrs. Robin Hale Garland rhalegarland@stmartindeporresphila.org
Remedial Reading Sr. Mary Walsh mwalsh@stmartindeporresphila.org
Remedial Reading Sr. Margaret Mary mdougherty@stmartindeporresphila.org
Advanced Reading Mrs. Alison Mezzanotte amezzanotte@stmartindeporresphila.org
Director of Alumni/ Special Projects Sr. Nancy Fitzgerald nfitzgerald@stmartindeporresphila.org
Development Director Leni Mayorga Development Office ymayorga@stmartindeporresphila.org